me and december 14. 2014

it’s somewhat erotic & i thought about it all when stumbling down the sidewalk while

dodging high beams and monkey horns & shouts of

‘hey, you tryin’ to die?!’

but those that would be missed & ghosts

ghosts that i had no idea had an idea – but

thank you     / old man

lets cross this avenue together, hand in hand

and your broken bones digging quiet into my palm – it’s not even me you are concerned about anymore. you have forgotten about me like a ceiling fan echo.

it is him.

the boy who loves too much.

the boy who loves too much. he’s the sappy cliche that dumb poets and young adult novelists so easily capture (kind of.)

it’s been almost 24 hours since i have slept. the world has continued going on without me, no concern. i am here in my pajamas and i am here beside my eyes.

and here, friends. this is my ‘just in case’ kit:



~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2014/12/14.

7 Responses to “me and december 14. 2014”

  1. That’s a pretty big ‘just in case’ kit. I really enjoyed reading your words.

  2. Omg, Sean, that’s a big “just in case” stash! Please hang on for a while longer. Hopefully, help is coming soon.

  3. SEAN!!! You’re in competition with a friggin’ pharmacy with how many meds you’ve got stashed… That’s seriously crazy!! I think you need a ritual burning or something with them!!! Out.. Get them out!! I see your desire to keep them, that I can’t deny.. But wow. Just wow.

    Please take care (and you know what I mean)

  4. I know someone who is getting a slingshot for Christmas. Or maybe a mini (blow) dart shooter… Just think of all the pretty colors flying one by one through the air into the black Pacific Ocean ☁️🌊☔️

    just hold tight💖

  5. WOW really is the only thing that can be said to that photo! I heard the words coming from your mouth; but, in all honesty, i did NOT expect to see that much! So happy you have them out of your “custody”!

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