me and april 01. 2014

here begins april.

try to sleep but it isn’t going to work – my wet dreams involve me screaming and chewing through the wall of the basement while i continue to worry too much about things like how i hate being haunted and trying to cover the cracks in my face. there are dead frozen beetles up and down on the stairway. and you are right – this story, these rants and confessions are never ending.


song one.

i tell myself that i am impossible at times – mind gone and walking around in medication coma begging you to feed me sex and applesauce and a cure for this burden that by now must be six tons of shit and sorrow – and i am growing tired like i haven’t slept in months –


song two.

let me think about things for a moment.



i might have a joke hidden in here but it is private and not so hilarious. something to do with prescribed pills.


song three

(nothing here)


song four

something just scurried across my bare foot.


i am madness and sometimes simple and i would love to allow the earth the opportunity to swallow and destroy me.

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2014/04/01.

3 Responses to “me and april 01. 2014”

  1. cheers to a new month and hopefully a better month for you 🙂 someone posted this on my blog, and I thought you might find it interesting. a different approach to being labeled “crazy” – I like this point of view better. It just makes more sense to me. clearly some of us have gifts, and I think they should be celebrated instead of medicated.You’re a gifted story teller for sure, and I really enjoy your writing style. Love to you 🙂

    • thank you for the link! it looks interesting and i will definitely give it a read later. it’s been a nutty 2014 so far – hopefully we can all get a little relief. take care. 🙂

  2. I agree that you are a gifted writer and by writing about what you know you really nail it…I am there with you when I read your blog. Hope it’s heading towards a better place for you soon. Hugs and ❤ xo

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