me and ferbruary 26…2014

this takes me so long to writ because all lets are blur. to write to you all during cab ride to medical clinic because the drgs aare beating me. at some point I woke up and had ni clear idea of me or time and it scarred me so badly – i have no idea what time or when i last wired or even friends but there are two right now. my best loves in the wod that will help me thru –
i dont know what will happen but this SSRI plans on hurting me as long as it can before vanishing compleely. I keep bumping into things and might slur my sad and write it in the cracks of the walls.
please don’t putt me back in the psychi hospital because I won’t make it.
fuck this meds. it’s turned me sad ANC confysed
you guys have loved me.
and me for you. feel betterfriends


~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2014/02/26.

2 Responses to “me and ferbruary 26…2014”

  1. Hey, if you can still type- you’re still good.

    And is that a HEART I see?


  2. What’s this had loved you stuff, we still love you and always will ❤ And I for one NEED you, I selfishly need to know I am not alone and I dream of the day you write about how great you are feeling…try to let your heart rest for a little while Sean, anytime you want to say anything I am always here and ready,,,,

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