me and august 13. 2013

current medications and dosages:

450 mg of wellburtin (anti-depressant)

900 mg of trileptal (mood stabilizer)

15 mg of buspirone (anti-anxiety)

25-175 mg of (anti-anxiety as needed and for sleep)

psychiatrist appointment yesterday.

how is your overall mood?

awful. i feel like shit. i’m so tired all the time and i have isolated myself from most everybody. i go to work and come home. that’s all i do.

do you have any thoughts of hurting yourself?

all the time.

is this unusual?

not really.

have you acted on them?

not yet. but i’ve wanted to so badly lately. more than i have in years.

are you taking your medications like you should be?

yes. i’ve only missed a couple of doses since the last time i was here.

how are they working?

i like the wellbutrin because it helps me smoke less. other than that, i don’t feel much of a difference.

on a scale of 1-10 how bad has the depression been?

um…i’d say a solid 8.

are you hearing voices or seeing anything?

voices come and go. nothing specific. i’m not seeing anything.

are you drinking or using drugs?

no. not right now.

how are your relationships right now?

i have friends. i just don’t really see anybody.

what about female relationships?

are you serious?

is it safe for you to live by yourself?

i think so.

you’ll call somebody if it is no longer safe?

i’ll call somebody.

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2013/08/13.

4 Responses to “me and august 13. 2013”

  1. The like is so you know I was here and reading.

  2. You have my number…

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