me and january 06

the cars are arriving quickly.

where am i w/out you?


my arms are breaking open w/fever and the sores are singing so loud that i am deaf to your smiles and sympathy and whispers.

i am trying so hard to tell you that i love you and –


dear molly,

you shine.

i am melting green beneath your stars and

words are just unfamiliar ghost droppings from the attic stairs & i am wrestling w/a hard-on imagining the movements of your hips and the display – like behind the glass casing illuminated in the neon glow of sex and excitement lights – and they are much more bitter than the candles

and so much better than mourning your shadow.

this desire may be unimportant to the masses, but to me means everything.

i can smell you everywhere. on my pillows and my sheets and my fingers and my tongue

and the back skin of my eyelids and the air conditioner and the television remote and every breath that i let free from between my teeth.

ow. my teeth.

you &


the scale is unbalanced

in your favor


it is the billboard sign in my mind that reads that my true love is always a wonderful hallucination.


~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2013/01/06.

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