me and august 01

smile. too happy. calm down.


it’s pronounced ‘teck noh.’

where now?

near the other shoe, silly.

oh, and beside the pictures of sound.


at last – afternoon sleepy quiet the agony is abolished and i am singing hymns of pleasure left and right while naked like a laboratory skeleton with an erection and dancing bald in the darkness but not quite the product of shitty animal flavors, but fuck it – and i feel it like a sexual awakening straight from the bible or a nightmare that brings the sweats that will soak my life until it is good and moldy and all of this punctuates my life and actions are as uncomfortable as what i am to the world if it is me and this is all to grab a seat in a.a. for the coffee and tales of woe with a liver screaming for mercy and i am too tired to cry any more rivers, streams, or small oceans. i am concerned for the platform and sorry i made tears – many left a sweaty grease shat in the sink and burned up the letters from jesus and the hallucinations.

i’ll write to you, phantom cheerleader of the east coast surfboard mix and sappy, sappy, letters to you, dear lady. you stinky fucking funny lovely hippie.

i love you or the idea that somebody like you can exist.

we can write notes to each other because i don’t take you for a dreamer who would shame me. however i refuse to feel good unless i can stare into your eyes and watch the reflections boredom and depression in my own. i’ll forever love the way you looked at me as you held me against the sheets to fuck me with love until the sun broke through to blue outside the window and in a pause moments are endless and this, this is what i will see on the back of my eyelids before i am cremated and scattered to the sky –  my ashes spread like legs and roses will line all those hideous alleyways.

skin tight against the crossed arms while you shiver.

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2012/08/01.

One Response to “me and august 01”

  1. Your writing style is so poetic. Without speaking to you and getting a back story to this writing, I have to sit and ponder over each line. I love that…

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