me and april 30 – versatile blogger award nomination









thanks to not quite dead for the love. she writes one of my new favorite blogs and i strongly encourage  everyone to check it out.


7 random things about me:


1. i hate cockroaches more than anything else on the planet. their lack of beauty and soul is just awful. and they make me scream like a four year old.

2. i have tattoos. lots. and one day you will never be able to notice how much i have cut my arms in the past.

3. my musical tastes go all over the place. from blues to buddy holly. from  billie holiday to willie nelson. i love hip hop and one-hit wonders from the 1980’s. i also love the white stripes, band of horses, fleet foxes, etc. i should stop now before i get ridiculous.

4. i don’t eat any meat. and yes, that includes seafood. gross.

5. i’ve never seen ‘citizen kane.’ meh.

6. i curse a lot. because i like to.

7. i have a boy crush on jason segel.


i will have to return to this so that i can nominate people. brain is beginning to shut down for the night.

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2012/04/29.

9 Responses to “me and april 30 – versatile blogger award nomination”

  1. Loving the honesty. Hehe, your boy crush. That’s cute.

  2. Bahahaha… I have to look up who your boy crush is. Very interesting. A new side to Sean… I need to be delving into your mind more. muahahaha

  3. Love your “7 Things!” Citizen Kane might be worth the watch if you’re entirely bored out of your mind and in the mood for a study in black & white. Not a favorite, but it’s better than Gone With The Wind.

    Thanks for sending the love my way, my favorite thing is getting a new “follower” on my blog.

    But really, I wanted to write you about Jason Siegel – you mentioned his movies, but have you ever seen ‘Freaks and Geeks’? He is actually one of my least favorite actor-people, cocky in person & has referred to his penis size in public. Most girls don’t find that charming. This is why I avoid magazines & the news, I hate to know anything about artists beyond their art (unless they’re liberals, like George Clooney or my hometown boy Matt Damon), I hate having negative associations with their work. And my favorite show of all time is Freaks & Geeks and, while all of the characters are wonderful (Seth Rogen a minor character & of course he’s now the most successful of the lot, with Siegel and James Franco just behind), I think Siegel’s Nick Andopolis is one of the most fleshed out minor characters ever on television. If you’ve never seen it or aren’t intimately acquainted with the character, I seriously suggest you either grab the set (18 episodes) on amazon or download it on piratebay immediately & set to it when a particularly dark period is looming. Nick will make you piss your pants. He really is a fun, quality actor.

    OK, enough! These babies are waiting for lunch!

    • i have indeed seen ‘freaks and geeks,’ although it has been a while. i need to rewatch it, because at the time i wasn’t really aware of segel so don’t recall him making much of an impact. i’m not really in love with him or anything, but just lately he’s been a boy crush. they tend to change often. 😉

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