me and april 13 – disorders and romantic relationships

for those who know me personally, please know that i have talked with my girlfriend before posting this for everyone to see. in the past, i have shied away from bringing others into this – for reasons i have explained earlier – but feel like it is such an important aspect of the condition. i do this with her blessing, and i ask that if you know her, please just be respectful. also, if you plan on judging me in any way after reading this, that’s your decision. if there is the possibility that by me talking about this, somebody can recognize it in their own life, either in themselves or someone they care about (which i was never able to do) then it is worth the judgement of a few.

there is another post being worked on as well. in it, i plan on discussing how the disorders and medications i have taken have affected me sexually throughout my life. it’s an embarrassing but very real part of the disease, and i intend to be completely honest.  i’ve also talked to her about this, and she has been generous enough to let me post about it, even though it is something extremely private.

i know that there is the possibility that some of you who are reading this will be people i have hurt. all i can say is that i am sorry. it’s taken me years to begin to try and understand why i have done nothing but hurt people for my whole life, and even after understanding it, i still don’t understand it. i didn’t know how to say it, how to explain why i felt the way i did. i know that some of you still believe me to be an asshole. a cold, unforgivable, asshole. i understand why. there are a handful of people in the world that i wish had never met me, only because of the pain i have caused you at some point in our lives. it wasn’t intentional, and i am so sorry for it.

i’ve been with my girlfriend for nearly three years now. it is the longest relationship i have ever been in, and a large part of that is due to her not giving up, not leaving me, and for putting up with shit that most people would not. she does the best she can, and it is way beyond what i would expect anyone to be capable of when it comes to me. she is a great person that doesn’t deserve this. and i know she loves me.

so naturally, i pull the fuck away.

this posts is a long time coming. and one of the hardest to write.

even single relationship i have ever had has failed. some have faded quietly away and others have exploded – sending small pieces of disaster into both my brain and my heart. there have been people who have loved me. they have accepted me and did the best that they knew how to do, considering the situation.

while allowing for the fact that sometimes it was something as simple as incompatibility, e.g., the pentecostal girl who tolerated me for a few weeks until she realized i wasn’t going to start believing in jesus, i am also forced to admit that most of these were destroyed by me. and out of those, most were destroyed by me because the other person just cared too much.

i realize how silly this sounds, and i also realize that it should be as simple as just saying, “sean, quit being a fucking idiot. you deserve to be happy. love is great. so stop doing that dumb shit.”

unfortunately i don’t know how to do that. it seems to be a switch that can’t – and/or won’t – be turned off. years of therapy. i know how professionals say you should deal with this problem, however, it’s always much easier to give out that advice when you are not personally invested in it. don’t think for a second that over the years i haven’t tried to recognize things, do them differently later, blah blah blah and the self-hating lonely part of me cheers when it is finally over. when i’ve crushed myself and somebody else. when i have admitted defeat. there is a part of me, an enormous part of me, that knows i don’t belong in a romantic relationship with anybody.

‘you have to love yourself before you can love somebody else.’

there is a certain amount of bullshit in this statement.

i can love others. i can love deeply. i can love like a normal human being loves. often, i will put that ahead of my own feelings – easier to do when your own feelings aren’t much better than piss – and while this can go on for some time, it will eventually catch up with me. and then the resentment starts. it’s shit to try and explain and understand. i hate confrontation. i hate hurting somebody’s feelings. sometimes i feel it’s better to just swallow things and add them to the list of reasons that jumping in front of a speeding bus sounds appealing. i will usually find a way to turn it against myself and that makes it easier to take. if you feel like a piece of shit, it’s easier to accept the blame for things.

i understand that this can backfire. it does. absolutely.

be aware, that this is just my experience, and not reflective of everyone with these diseases.

the overall biggest problem stems from my instability in moods, my hatred for myself, and my uncontrollable tendency to think the world of somebody at one moment and then suddenly fall into a hole where i see them as controlling, manipulative, and out to get me. this switch goes on and off in the same way that my overall mood does, so there is no stopping it, no reasoning with it, no way to tell myself that i am being stupid. it comes, and when it does, no amount of self-assurance can change it. it can last for minutes, or days, or months.

it’s been a long time.

i know my girlfriend loves me. i really really do. but then i will get a look, a change in tone of voice, or even a simple fucking question about nothing important…and it is on. and i don’t know what to do when it does. i ignore her and isolate myself, which is next to impossible in our house, and ride it out. however, due to the fact that to get to our bathroom you must go through our bedroom – and the fact that normal human beings must use the restroom at times – she is required to pass me. it’s hard. what does she say? does she keep her head down and not acknowledge me? does she try and comfort me, hug me, and possibly pull me out of whatever stupid spell i happen to be under?

no. fuck no. none of those things. there is no right answer, and every wrong answer sends me into a fresh panic. if she leaves me alone, it just reassures me that i am indeed right, that i am fucking up her day and most likely her life. if she tries to touch me, to hug me, i freeze. i don’t want to be touched, especially at that moment. i don’t want her to show me that she cares, because for some reason it hurts me.

is she supposed to understand this and know exactly how to act? of course not.

is she supposed to understand this and know exactly how to act? most definitely.

so what happens?

i pull away. i pull away for so many reasons. i pull away because as much as i want to be loved, to feel that feeling, to believe it…i don’t want it. i fucking do not want it at all. i pull away because i care so deeply about her and see her having to live and stick with somebody who is most definitely broken, and it hurts me. i try so hard to look at the positive things, but it’s so hard for me to see it. i pull away because i feel like a horrible piece of shit, because i am treating her this way. i try so hard to be a good person. i really really try. and for me to act like this to her…it kills really does.

i could tell her to go, to leave me alone, and just let me be goddamn sad. in the past, when these feelings would start – usually right when the relationship is going best – i would begin drifting away. i did try, with a couple of girls, to explain how i was feeling.

believe it or not, telling somebody that while you love them, there are moments when you cannot stand the thought of them. that everything they do annoys you to torturous degrees, and that you don’t want to talk, or touch, or even be in the same room as them, but that you still care for them and have no idea why you feel this way…

yeah, it never went well. so i stopped trying to talk it out and just accepted the inevitable. and that, my friends, is fucking hard. i got to the point where i would rather them just think i was a prick, than to go on unintentionally hurting their feelings and dragging it out.

i don’t blame them for hating me. i don’t blame them for thinking that i am the kind of person who gets off on getting girls to fall for him, and then rips out their hearts. but i don’t. not one single bit. it hurt me then, and it hurts me today – long after they have possibly forgotten all about me. it will hurt me forever. please know that.

i could tell her to go…but she loves me too much to give up on me. she wants to fight. and as much as i admire that, it still doesn’t change how i feel. i love her, and will always love her, no matter what. i don’t want the day to come when i don’t know how to deal with this aspect of it, and all the resentment, anger, sadness, etc. comes out. that scares me.

in my opinion, i should have given up trying relationships a long time ago. as much as i yearn for that experience – it isn’t fair to the other person.

i know men and women. i talk to them all day, and listen as they share things with me. i hear stories about guys/girls who beat girls/guys, who cheat on them, who go out of their way to viciously attack them, to make fun of them, and i at least can feel a bit of comfort knowing that i am not one of them.

but that doesn’t make things better.

it just makes me an asshole who knows that he is an asshole.

and i’m so sorry.

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13 Responses to “me and april 13 – disorders and romantic relationships”

  1. You are so not alone, this could easily have been written by me, everything you said I have exactly the same problem, it’s horrible to live with and like you say it really makes you think that relationships should be avoided. Heck, I left my fiance this year because of all this type of stuff. On top of all that I have the added problem of my impulsivity, recklessness and high sex-drive from the BPD leads me to cheat too 😦
    I don’t deserve to be loved 😦

    • while i am sorry for what you are enduring, it does help me to know i am not alone in how the relationships go. it sucks for us, because we do love people – i see daily how you reach out to offer good words or reassurances to others – and normally those who are horrible in relationships are either unaware of their actions or not they don’t want to own up to them. we KNOW what we are doing, but cannot help it because of something wrong in our heads. that is the most frustrating part of it for me.
      very few of us feel like we deserve love or happiness. that is from years of dealing with this.
      you cannot control some of your own issues, but you can control how much you try and do good for others. and the fact that you devote so much of your good to others tells me you absolutely deserve love.
      i really wish for it to happen for you. 🙂

  2. I am AMAZED at how much “self awareness” you have going on and I think that you have started to use it to recognize things about yourself though you still don’t have an understanding of “why” you do what you do.
    I am so very much the same way. Things will be going great and it’s like I stop dead in my tracks. The personal I am with annoys me… everything about them: the way they talk, or dont, the way they chew, the way they fucking piss in the toilet. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, I am annoyed. I am annoyed at gifts bought for me, kind gestures made toward me, love letters left for me… you name it, and I am annoyed and ready to bolt. I feel lots of heartbreak over past relationships especially because nobody knew of my mental disorders… I was in denial myself. For a couple years I would STILL apologize to my exhusband… saying “I’m sorry” over and over. Not long ago… he told me that I didn’t have to apologize because he had moved past what happened quite a while ago and that he was doing great. This was like a slap in my face. It was then that I realized: My actions undoubtedly hurt him, but the one still suffering was ME. I was the one still beating myself up over it… feeling like I destroyed him when in reality he is loving life…I destroyed myself most. I had to take a hard look at myself and I am still not sure what I see.

    I admire your GF for not giving up, I really do. So many people are quick to throw someone aside and be done (I know I just described myself there)… but, this goes for everyone… sometimes the most loving thing to do is to let go. Fighting for someone you love SHOULD always happen… but also, knowing when to let go has it’s place as well. Mental hell on 2 people for lengths of time is unhealthy.

    I admire your honesty in this post. I will not steal your thunger but I think I will write about relationships as well. Not yet though cause it will cause some pain. I wonder if it is the BPD that causes the feelings to change so quick… that is one criteria for the disorder. I call it waxing and waning. One second I adore you, but in about 4, 3, 2, 1, I now can’t stand your knees and please put pants on. Seriously… yet it can be much MORE severe than that.

    Great post my friend. I hope it helps you by venting these things. Your GF is pretty rad to feel ok with you writing about such intimate topics. Huge kudos to you both. ♥♥♥

    • we talk, and i know how much some of this applies to you.
      you are right, i know that most of the people in my past have moved on, and i am so happy for that. i am more than willing to take that suffering, because i feel like i earned it. not because it was my intention to hurt – but the hurt came from me regardless.
      and you will never steal my thunder. i want for you to be able to be as honest as you can (though i know it is difficult for certain reasons) and however i can help you do that, let me know.

      • Thanks Sean! I understand how you feel. I often feel the need to punish myself for wronging those I have cared for. 😦

  3. You have to love somebody else blah blah blah – don’t agree. I don’t like let alone live myself but I’ve never felt love as much as I do for my husband. As you though I often push him away. I’m not good enough for him, he’s better off with someone else, and you’re right it’s the person in the relationship with you who is helping make it work because, corny as it is, it’s a team effort.

    • at a certain point, i had to learn to try and let them make their own decision. with that though, comes as much honesty about my situation as i can give. i want them to know exactly what they are going to have to deal with (as much as one can understand) and that way i don’t feel like i am being deceptive or tricking somebody into something they might not be able to handle.
      that was the old me, and out of selfishness (me wanting to be in a relationship and feel cared about) i wouldn’t express to them the severity of my situation. then the bad stuff came, and it all went downhill from there.
      i applaud anybody who stays in a relationship with somebody with mental illness – IF they are in it for the right reasons. sometimes we are easier to manipulate, take advantage of, pin blame on, etc. that’s not right. i try so hard to take responsibility for what i do, what i can control, and therefore don’t feel like i should be made to feel any worse for something i cannot control.
      it is a team effort, but you can only do as much as you can.
      take care. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here.

    Just one thing, of which I am guilty of too, but try to not be so hard on yourself!

    I admire you.

    The Quiet Borderline

    • i am so good at giving that advice that i absolutely refuse to do for myself. “do what i say, not what i do.” haha.

      thank you for all you’ve done to help me out as well. having the support from others helps me to feel more comfortable being more honest. and the more honest we all are, i think the more we will be able to learn from each other.

      there’s no harm in trying, ya know?

  5. […] wrote about disorders and romantic relationships a week or so ago and many parts of it resonated with me. He quotes that old gem; you have to love […]

  6. I really love your honesty about everything! It takes a hell of a lot of courage to do that and much more than I could ever do. Your anything but an asshole.

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