me and march 20

rough weekend.

this becomes harder and harder to deal with every single day.

right now it is raining heavily outside. my room is dark. i can hear the rain, and it gives me some sort of bizarre comfort. i could stay like this forever. however long that would be.

it’s crazy to see how much time has passed since i started this blog. it doesn’t seem as if it has been that long, and right now i cannot force myself to go back and reread anything i have written. i think if i started doing that, it would re-confirm that i know things are getting worse – and i cannot handle that right now.

need to spend more time on here. still so much left to say, and i want to get it all out. everything that i can. it would be nice if i could do a post every single day. maybe i will try that for the month of april. maybe making myself do that will kind of shove me away from these bullshit little cryptic weekly posts. i think there are so many things that i am nervous and/or scared to say. i cannot be like that anymore. it has to come out.

it will.

i appreciate everyone who has hung in there with me. and i really appreciate those who i feel as though i have become close with. those who remind me daily that what i feel is okay. it’s normal for me.

hope everyone has a great day.


~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2012/03/20.

4 Responses to “me and march 20”

  1. I think a post daily would be good… even if all you could write is a single word. 🙂 Try it… maybe it will help to get the “gunk” out.
    I love the rain… it has rained here the last couple of days but today looks sunny as can be! UGH. I prefer rainy places… the rain is beautiful and cleansing. ♥

  2. Go for it Sean, let it all out!

    We’re standing besides you.

    Feel good.

    The Quiet Borderline

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