me and january 31 – the candle lighter award

i am beyond flattered to have been given this award from such an amazing, and strong person. please go and check out her blog: The Quiet Borderline.



     The Candle Lighter Award

The Candle Lighter Award is an award for a post or blog that is positive and brings light into the    world. The Candle Lighter Award belongs to those who believe, who always survive the day and who never stop dreaming, who do not quit but keep trying. There are no rules. If you wish to, simply accept it and you are done! You are also free to decline or ignore it. Recipients can pass it on to as many nominees as they wish and as often as they wish.



i’ll admit that i don’t really think of the word ‘positive’ when i think of this blog.

however, it is very honest.

maybe that is a positive thing, or maybe not – but i like to think that it is. the emails and messages i have received since starting it have seemed to suggest the same thing. this is an absolute horrible motherfucker of a disease, and i plan to get as much out there and blog about it as much as i can before my time is up. i hope that those reading it – even with all the negativity and sadness in here – can find something to maybe help themselves.

i’d like to pass this award on to the following bloggers. if you are on the list, and have already received it at some point – don’t worry, i’m sure you deserve it more than once or twice. 🙂


Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case


The Art Of Making It Out Alive





~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2012/01/31.

6 Responses to “me and january 31 – the candle lighter award”

  1. You deserve it!! You keep strong even in your dark moments and that my friend, is a beautiful thing.

  2. Congrats. You deserve the award. I was also questioning the fact that my blog is not so positive but we’ll get there! You bring light by being strong and fighting on.

    Feel good.

    The Quiet Borderline

  3. “i will see the doctor soon. i will bring up the possibility of E.C.T. and even the Special K.

    whatever might help.”

    -despite the overwhelming realities, somewhere in the depths lies hope. your willingness to keep trying is hope, maybe subconsciously, but more importantly positive – for you and us all.

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