me and december 28 (two hours later)

where in the fuck did time go? i am so aware right now.

but confused.

there’s no way i have been sitting here in the dark for this long with no accomplishments that i can recognize.

i might even be asleep right now but i am not entirely sure about that.

the dogs are stirring. i can hear snoring and asthma.

i can’t wait for august for some reason.


i just saw it turn 2:48 on my computer screen. it laughed at me when it changed.

i swear to god, it fucking laughed at me.

the printer machine is possessed. (make noises and scan imaginary air?)

the medicine has made my mouth disgusting. so much disgusting saliva. it is full of it. but it is dry and bitter at the same time.

did i fall asleep already?

i am kind of scared. but it is okay i guess.

i am going to go outside. into the cold. i will have one more cigarette and when i am finished it will be morning and i will have slept an entire evening and these posts on this blog will not exist and i will be rested and full of energy like a MONSTER drink.

fucking stupid copyrights.

how about that?

lets try this plan.

i think my legs are asleep.

good for them.

one more cigarette.

i will crawl back into bed.

don’t laugh at me.

good morning.

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2011/12/28.

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