me and november 27

there are some days i hate myself so much that i can barely stand it. i just feel awful. i have no real reason to, but that has never stopped my brain from a good old fashioned self-fucking.

today is just one of those days.

there isn’t a silence that is quiet enough or a room that is dark enough for today.  (too emo?)

i actually feel like i could be crying inside of my head right now. it’s too much. and it is changing by the minute. i guess with normal people it takes a lot to get them to the feelings that i have right now–and when they reach it, it’s likely to stick around for a few hours. there is some consistency in their horrible feeling.

with me, it changes by the minute tho never getting any better than shitty. it’s some sort of spell right now and it might last for an hour or a day.

i’ll work on the book. maybe i will write eighteen more posts on this blog today. maybe i’ll start drinking early even though i am not watching football. just stay occupied and try and keep out of my head.

oh, seriously, fuck you….head.

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2011/11/27.

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