a partial list of past/current medications

this is a list of the medications i have been put on at one time or another in the last fifteen years. unfortunately,  it is not a complete list.

(in no particular order)

1. lithium

2. effexor

3. trileptal

4. restoril

5. adderall

6. geodone

7. abilify

8. resperidal

9. paxil

10. ritilan

11. klonopin

12. depakote

13. prozac

14. lexapro

15. celexa

16. zoloft

17. remeron

18. wellbutrin

19. serzone

20. seroquel

21. zyprexa

22. lamicatal

23. nuvigil

24. lunesta

25. luvox

26. elavil

27. tegretol

28. trazidone

29. ambien

30. invega

31. latuda

32. strattera

~ by alltheavenueslookugly on 2011/10/03.

9 Responses to “a partial list of past/current medications”

  1. You got me by 2 medications. I’ve been on 30 (that I can remember.)

  2. Wow, I thought that I had been on a-lot of meds but it doesn’t come close to all these you have been on.
    I hope, one day, the right combo will work for you so you can go from surviving to thriving.

    • unfortunately, i don’t think there is a magic combo out there for me. my last doctor confided to me that he thought i might be ‘treatment resistant’ since most of those meds i had been on hadn’t worked. it’s been a long and horrible struggle, and i am so ready to just give up on meds and find a different alternative.

      • The frustration gets unbearable doesn’t it? Maybe there are alternatives. I have been educating myself to prepare for a med free life. Cheers to us both for striving on even when it feels futile.

  3. i will definitely drink to that. 🙂

  4. You know what’s sad? I read down the list and know what everything is! (From experience….ha.) Geodone (check!) Resperidal (check!) – I don’t see that thorozine has made your list. That one was particularly fun. I remember fuzzy things like…spit dripping from my chin in a total catatonic state. Good times…good times. Ambien and I have a love/love relationship though. (It’s the BEST.) :0)

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