me and 3 old suicide notes » suicidenote01

2 Responses to “suicidenote01”

  1. It’s not unlucky that you survived, and didn’t succeed in the deed you set out to do this night, I can relate and empathize with how it feels to be in a world full of people yet feel so very alone, isolated, and simply over the whole life thing. It can and does at times seem so pointless, like treading water, yet getting nowhere.
    Life is not an easy journey, I am not going to patronise you and use the whole bullshit god thing, or tell you that your worth more than killing yourself to end the isolation that you feel, you know within yourself that for whatever reason you took these pill’s you did so with your own free will, and with the want to end the suffering, the mundaneness of it all and the bullshit promise of hope and their being a light at the end of the never ending tunnel.
    However what I will say, is you did not die that night for a reason, whatever or why ever there was a reason, there is one, and your still here to find out, or to finish whatever it is you have to finish in this life before moving on to whatever it is that comes after life, be it god (which I doubt) or some higher power, who knows, but there is more out there it’s just a matter of taking those baby steps to get there to get through those days where your feeling so shitty so down so tired and want to give up, and remembering that you tried to end it, and it didn’t end, now its time to live and see what happens.
    Stay strong as hard as it is, ((hugs)) Angel

  2. thank you so much.
    i agree about there being a reason i didn’t die. it’s something that has been on my mind for a very long time. maybe i’m doing it now? who knows? i just hope that whatever it is, i am able to do it. 🙂
    take care of yourself. i’m thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way as well.


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